About Us

Warehouse full of boxes


We aim to raise the bar for ourselves and our partners with a transparent approach to communication. We understand that the trust of our customers, partners and staff is the most important load we carry. We strive to be transparent in everything we do and deliver tangible benefits to all in our organization. Recognition that our relationships are our most important asset drives our quest for organizational excellence.

Experts in reducing customer freight spend

Our overall combined freight volumes managed on behalf of our customers allows us to aggressively negotiate and secure preferred transportation rates. We identify “best-of-breed” carriers in all modes of transportation and work to establish a sound business relationship with them based on our qualification process and their ability to provide a reliable and quality service. Our satisfied customers are realizing significant bottom-line freight savings while experiencing a reliable and consistent service.

Superior customer service

We recognize that each customer may be different with unique requirements, so we provide our customer with the personalized service touch. A dedicated Customer Service Representative, (CSR) is assigned. We believe that assigning a dedicated CSR results in better overall service and support for the customer. Establishing standard operating procedures, (SOP) also ensures ultimate customer satisfaction.

In depth industry knowledge

Our team of professionals understand the importance of staying on top of industry news, challenges, and game changing events so we can assess the impact to our customers. Based on our assessment we will determine go forward steps if at all necessary to ensure our customers are looked after accordingly.

Question the status quo

From the start, our goal was simply to improve the customer experience. But in addition to improving the customer experience, we were also able to provide the added benefits of reduced freight costs and improved visibility to all our customers’ shipments.

As we grow with our customers, we’ve developed a knowledgeable logistics team and cultivated a network of partners in order to support our clients’ needs as well as offer prospective clients various sales and distribution solutions. Combining our 30 years expertise in logistics process with our participating partners assets/infrastructure, we have opened a pathway for clients new to the Canadian/US market to run successful solutions. Even strong existing companies can benefit from our unique approach to logistics operations, enabling them to utilize the various tools and programs created by Freightology to execute supply chain processes.